Samantha, Dental Hygienist

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I always knew I would work in health care, and I decided to pursue dental hygiene because I wanted the opportunity to build relationships with my patients. I relate to our patients a lot and putting them at ease comes naturally to me. Being able to chat with patients is meaningful to me. I love hearing about their latest milestones, travel plans, and anything else they want to share with me.

To me, health care is about caring for the whole person. Everyone on this team is not only a fantastic person, but they’re also very competent and skilled in their work. Between our amazing team and incredible patients, we always seem to maintain positive energy here.

Your oral health is a big part of your overall health, and our patients deserve access to the care they need. I love watching patients walk away from their appointments feeling confident, and being a part of this positive moment makes me feel accomplished in my work.

I know a dental hygiene visit isn’t at the top of people’s desired to-do list, but our patients are pretty excited when leaving with clean, healthy teeth.