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Crown lengthening is a specialized dental procedure aimed at improving the health and aesthetics of your smile. It is often recommended to address a "gummy smile" or when there is insufficient tooth exposure for restorative treatments like crowns or fillings. The procedure for Crown Lengthening Surgery involves reshaping the gum tissue and sometimes the underlying bone to expose more of the tooth's surface. At Yonge Eglinton Periodontics, Dr. Kay and Dr. Berger collaborate closely with your dentist to ensure a precise and tailored treatment plan. Our goal is to enhance both the appearance and functionality of your smile, providing you with long-lasting results and improved dental health.

Unique features

Precision and care: Our skilled periodontists for Crown Lengthening Surgery use advanced techniques for precise and effective crown lengthening in Toronto.

Enhanced aesthetics: Achieve a balanced, natural-looking smile with our tailored procedures for crown lengthening in Toronto.

Comprehensive care: We prioritize your comfort and dental health, ensuring a smooth and successful Crown Lengthening Surgery process.

Why Choose Yonge Eglinton Periodontics for Your Crown Lengthening Needs?

Availing of crown lengthening in Toronto at Yonge Eglinton Periodontics is a straightforward process designed to provide you with the possible care. Here's an outline of the steps involved:

  • Consultation


    Schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Kay or Dr. Berger.

    Discuss your dental concerns and goals for Crown Lengthening Surgery.

  • Comprehensive Examination

    Comprehensive Examination:

    Our periodontists will perform a thorough examination of your teeth and gums.

    X-rays may be taken to assess the underlying bone structure.

  • Treatment Planning

    Treatment Planning:

    Based on the examination results, a personalized Crown Lengthening Surgery plan will be created.

    Your periodontist will coordinate with your dentist if crown lengthening in Toronto is part of a larger Crown Lengthening Surgery plan.

  • Preparation


    Before the procedure, you may receive instructions on how to prepare, such as avoiding certain medications.

  • Crown Lengthening Procedure

    Crown Lengthening Procedure:

    The actual procedure for crown lengthening in Toronto involves gently reshaping the gum tissue and, if necessary, the underlying bone to expose more of the tooth's surface.

    Local anesthesia will be used to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

  • Initial Consultation

    Recovery and Follow-up

    After the procedure, you will receive post-operative care instructions.

    Follow-up appointments may be scheduled to monitor your healing progress.

  • Initial Consultation


    Enjoy a healthier, more balanced smile with improved tooth exposure.

    Your dentist can proceed with restorative treatments like crowns or fillings as planned.

Throughout the process of crown lengthening in Toronto, our team will ensure you are comfortable and well-informed, providing you with the highest standard of care.

Yonge Eglinton Periodontics stands out for its expertise and personalized care. Our periodontists, Dr. Kay, and Dr. Berger, collaborate closely with your dentist to ensure a seamless experience. We use advanced techniques to achieve precise results, enhancing both your smile aesthetics and dental health.

  • Enhanced Smile Aesthetics

    Achieve a more balanced and natural-looking smile by exposing more of your teeth.

  • Improved Dental Health

    Reduce the risk of gum disease and decay by maintaining proper tooth exposure.

  • Restorative Treatment Support

    Ensure the success and longevity of dental restorations such as crowns or fillings by providing adequate tooth structure.

  • Collaborative Care

    Benefit from the expertise of our periodontists, who work closely with your dentist to create a personalized Crown Lengthening Surgery plan.

  • Precision and Comfort

    Experience precise and comfortable crown lengthening in Toronto with advanced techniques and local anesthesia.

Addressing client needs:

Periodontist Toronto

Crown lengthening in Toronto at Yonge Eglinton Periodontics is tailored to address our clients' specific needs and concerns. For those with a "gummy smile," this procedure helps expose more of the teeth, creating a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing smile. It is also beneficial for patients requiring restorative treatments such as crowns or fillings, where insufficient tooth exposure may pose challenges.

Our periodontists, Dr. Kay, and Dr. Berger, understand that each patient is unique, which is why they collaborate closely with your dentist to ensure the Crown Lengthening Surgery plan meets your individual needs. This collaborative approach ensures that the procedure of crown lengthening in Toronto is not only effective but also integrates seamlessly with any ongoing or future dental work you may require.

At Yonge Eglinton Periodontics, we prioritize your comfort and dental health, aiming to provide you with a smile that looks great and functions optimally.

  • Is crown lengthening painful?
  • How long does it take to recover from crown lengthening?
  • How long do the results of crown lengthening last?
  • Will my teeth be more sensitive after crown lengthening?

While the procedure involves reshaping gum tissue and possibly the underlying bone, it is typically performed under local anesthesia to ensure your comfort. You may experience some mild discomfort after the procedure, which can be managed with over-the-counter pain medication.

Recovery time varies from person to person but typically takes a few weeks. You may experience some swelling and discomfort immediately after the procedure, but this should subside gradually. Your periodontist will provide you with post-operative care instructions to help you heal properly.

The results of crown lengthening are long-lasting, especially when combined with good oral hygiene practices. However, the success of the procedure also depends on maintaining regular dental check-ups and cleanings to ensure the health of your gums and teeth.

It's possible to experience increased tooth sensitivity after the procedure, especially to hot or cold temperatures. This sensitivity should diminish as you heal. If sensitivity persists, be sure to discuss it with your periodontist.

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