How Expectations Of Immediate Solutions Could Affect You: A Perspective from Yonge Eglinton Periodontics

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We live in an age where immediate solutions are the norm. With our smartphones and digital devices, we can get almost anything we want at the click of a button. This expectation for immediacy has also made its way into healthcare, including dental care.

As periodontal and dental implant specialists at Yonge Eglinton Periodontics, we understand the appeal of quick treatments. However, there may be better approaches for our patients than rushing into treatment. In this blog, we’ll explore how the expectation of immediate solutions could affect you and why we prioritize long-term predictability and outcomes over short-term speed.

1. The pressure of immediacy
In implant dentistry, there’s a growing trend towards same-day tooth replacement, where the tooth is extracted, and the implant and crown are placed all in one appointment. While this may seem like a convenient and time-saving solution, it’s important to note that it may have different success rates than the conventional approach. We often use the analogy of replacing a broken screw in the wall with a new one. If the new screw is smaller or there isn’t enough bone, it may not be as stable as the old one.

2. Under-promising and over-delivering
At Yonge Eglinton Periodontics, we always prefer to under-promise and over-deliver rather than the other way around. We understand that patients want quick solutions, but we also believe it’s essential to be transparent about the possible treatment outcomes. We strive for long-term predictability and outcomes that will benefit our patients in the long run. At times, it may be possible to give “immediate treatment,” but this is not always the case.

3. Sticking with conventional methods
While the technology of dental implants has advanced significantly over the years, sticking with conventional methods is often the best approach for our patients. Conventional techniques may take longer, but they’re typically more predictable, with outcomes tested and proven over time.

As periodontal and dental implant specialists, we understand the appeal of immediate solutions. However, it’s crucial to prioritize long-term predictability and outcomes over short-term speed. At Yonge Eglinton Periodontics, we strive to provide our patients with the best possible care, with treatments that have been tested and proven over time. While there may be situations where immediacy is possible, we always make sure to under-promise and over-deliver, ensuring that our patients receive the best possible outcomes.

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