Busted! Don’t Believe These Periodontal And Implant Care Myths

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The field of dentistry is constantly evolving and growing, and with it comes a host of myths and misconceptions about periodontal and implant care. Misinformation about these treatments can lead to patients avoiding necessary care or seeking care that is not appropriate for their condition.

In this blog, Yonge Eglinton Periodontics will debunk some common myths surrounding periodontal and implant care to help patients make informed decisions about their oral health.

Myth 1: Gum disease is not a problem if there is no pain

Gum disease is a silent disease. It is a slowly progressing, chronic illness. Sometimes there are signs or symptoms, such as bleeding gums, oral malodour, loose teeth, or sensitivity, but often, the disease can progress causing problems in your mouth. Like high blood pressure, the symptoms may appear when it is too late.

Myth 2: If I brush and floss regularly and see my dentist, I won’t get gum disease

Although it is essential to maintain excellent oral hygiene and to have regular professional care to help prevent gum disease, some factors are beyond our control. Genetics, our immune systems, stress, medications, and many other factors contribute to our propensity to develop gum disease.

Myth 3: Gum treatment is horribly painful

In the past, before we knew about efficient modalities to help prevent pain and swelling, gum treatment/surgery would often be very painful. We now understand a lot more about preventing inflammation and pain associated with dental treatment and gum surgery. Of course, sometimes, with more invasive procedures and significant infections, we cannot altogether avoid all complications, but we certainly are better at it!

If you want to steer clear of these myths, reach out to Yonge Eglinton Periodontics. As your periodontal and implant treatment specialists, we offer a complete range of periodontal services that will restore your smile and oral health. Our friendly trained hygienists are fully trained in periodontal gum issues. Our implants provide a permanent, durable, and beautiful replacement for your original teeth. We’re ready to support your dentist in providing specialized and effective periodontal services.

We offer services like crown lengthening, implants, complete reconstruction and support of dentures with implants, scaling and root planing, treatment of gum disease, gum grafting, pocket reduction, and tissue regeneration surgery. We offer our services to clients across Toronto, including Eglinton Crosstown, Yonge-University Subway Line, North Toronto, North York, Leaside, and the surrounding areas.

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